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As some of you already know, The eVine is committed to demystify and bring fun to wine education. The wine experience goes beyond mere knowledge of "what" it is. It "takes you places" as my inspiration Master Sommelier Richard Betts puts it; It speaks of rituals and traditions, sometimes of beauty and art, all the while providing a sensory enjoyment and the best companion to food. This month The eVine is offering to share this passion with the folks in Gunnison . November can be “dull” so we thought it would be a good time to bring something NEW to Gunnison . Starting Nov 10th, Garlic Mike’s and The eVine will be offering one wine class each month, most likely progressive, until....hopefully for them, it gets too busy to reserve the back room . See Garlic Mike's class details below

Classes in Crested Butte : will resume when my regular “groupies” are back. If you are one of them, send me your return dates; If you are new to The eVine events, you can contact me via this site (see link at the top of this page). My next two ideas for those are:

>    Food and Wine Pairing Class

>    Deconstructing Bordeaux .

I also invite you to send me topics you are interested in.

Garlic Mike’s first class

WED NOV. 10th 5:30 – 7:00 PM  


Note: some of you have already taken this class (different wines will be featured though) and some of you may be out of town. If that is your case, thank-you for spreading the word!
Driving back from Gunnison after a wine tasting is a legitimate concern so the total amount of wine tasted will not exceed 2 glasses, consumed slowly over at least 1 1/2h and light food will be served. Best solution is stay for dinner and make an evening of it. Garlic Mike's is offering 15% off of their already well priced dinner special to class participants.

The first stage of wine self education. An introductory class for those who want to develop a tasting method and establish a framework for their senses or a review, and practice session, for those who want to improve their recognition ability. In this class we will learn to identify the 3 main components to wine analysis and what they tell us. All wines come from a place. Learn to tune-in and the wine will take you to that place.  


Wine class and small plates: $40. Wine tasting (6 wines), a few small plates inspired by Mike’s recent trip to Umbria, Italy, instruction and written material. Stay after class and get 15% of a dinner special.


Only 20 seats! Call Shawn Wolfenbarger early: 641-2493.  

For more class details, use contact link at the top of this page or call Eliane - 349 7577.

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All of our classes include a sample of (at least) 6 wines, finger food and an educational hand-out...View Details!

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To awaken or further educate your palate and gain knowledge and confidence in a fun non-intimidating environment

A GREAT excuse to gather with FRIENDS!

Make your parties (Girls night, Birthdays etc) more interesting and more fun

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